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Shire Sharing provides Thanksgiving meals and warm coats to households all over the Granite State. We are a nonprofit comprised of volunteers only, run democratically by an unpaid Board of Directors. This means that 100% of your donations go directly to helping families in need — no costly overhead or paychecks. Donate today to help a neighbor!

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  • Donate

Both monetary and non-monetary donations (such as physical goods or helpful services) are happily accepted. If you have questions about how to donate, contact us.

  • Spread the word

Share our cause with your coworkers, friends, family, social media network, etc. Link to this page!

  • Assemble the Gifts

Each bag is customized for the household it will reach, depending on family size, dietary issues, and other needs. Visit this event on Facebook if you'd like to help stuff bags.

  •  Make Deliveries

This isn't a handout — it's a gift from friends. That's why this effort needs a special touch. Sign up here to make deliveries in your own car (bring a loved one to share the experience with).

Why Shire Sharing?

Shire Sharing is a nonprofit comprised of volunteers only; this means that all of your donations go directly to helping families in need. What makes us stand apart: We deliver meals directly to the doors of Granite Staters who need a little help. This isn’t just convenient for people with transportation or mobility issues — it’s personal and meaningful.

Our goal for 2018 is to deliver Thanksgiving meals to 500 households in the Granite State. Our stretch goal is to reach 700 households. Last year we set a new personal record by delivering Thanksgiving meals to 700 households across New Hampshire, up from 500 recipient households in 2016, and we hope to maintain our highest level of success this year.

When we started this project in 2011, we delivered to only 52 households. Shire Sharing grows every year, achieving more and more without having to hire staff. Every penny goes to the cause!


Why we do this:

Shire Sharing began in 2011 after founder Amanda Bouldin's father, Kent Bouldin, passed away due to leukemia. During his life in Dallas, Texas, Kent ran his own "Basket Brigade" every year, handing out Thanksgiving meals to families in need. He started with just one household and eventually built his project up so that it was feeding hundreds of households per year.

After his passing, it was clear that no one else would be taking over his project, and it would have died with him — but it lives on here in the Granite State thanks only to donors and volunteers like you. Although not a single one of Shire Sharing's volunteers have ever met Kent, hundreds of New Hampshire residents have gathered every year to feed thousands of their neighbors. Read more about Shire Sharing's history here.


Feedback from our friends

  "Thank you so very much for the Thanksgiving basket. It was such a surprise to come home and find a turkey and all the fixings for a Thanksgiving meal. Thank you for thinking of me."
  This letter came from the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester.

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