By supporting Shire Sharing, you get to live your ideals. This year, we need your help more than ever!

I believe in private, voluntary, direct charity, which is what Shire Sharing is. I have donated $100 this year, and invite you to match my donation, but every cent is important, so give what you can!

Shire Sharing provides customized meals to needy families on Thanksgiving. I have been involved with the organization since its inception in 2011, helping annually with assembly and deliveries. Seeing it prosper validates my belief in voluntary human action.

Shire Sharing is an opportunity to reconnect with friends and neighbors. Doing good with others fills the heart--something we all need after this election cycle! Please come out and support our efforts.

Donate, help collect goods and help with assembly, and then come out and make deliveries. The grateful look on recipients’ faces makes it so worthwhile!  

Shire Sharing is a “pay it forward” endeavor. Every basket includes a handwritten card asking the recipient to work hard to be able to do the same for someone else in the future. What could be better than that!?!

Lead by example. Please come out and help. Be the change you want to see!